About Beta

  • Founded: August 8th, 1839 in Oxford, Ohio

    Living Betas: 124,577
    Collegiate Members: 6,747                                            

    Chapters & Colonies: 119 in the U.S. and Canada 

    Administrative Office: Oxford, Ohio.

    Fraternity Colors: Delicate Shades of Pink and Blue

    Our Mission: To develop men of principle for a principled life.
    Our Vision: Every member will live Beta Theta Pi’s values.
    Core Values: To build lasting bonds of friendship and brotherhood, Beta calls for:

    Mutual Assistance – Betas believe that men are mutually obligated to help others in the honorable labors and aspirations of life.

    Intellectual Growth – Betas are devoted to continually cultivating their minds, including high standards of academic achievement.

    Trust - Betas develop absolute faith and confidence in one another by being true to themselves and others.

    Responsible Conduct - Betas choose to act responsibly, weighing the consequences of their actions on themselves and those around them.

    Integrity - Betas preserve their character by doing what is morally right and demanding the same from their brothers.



    To learn more about Beta Theta Pi please visit our General Fraternity's website here.